RFLC Applied sets its standards by applying core principles to consulting assignments:

  • Working in partnership & collaboratively to ensure no consulting ‘take over’
  • Usage of practical ‘non-gobbledygook’ business language
  • Pre-agreed measures of the effectiveness of the consulting delivery
  • Anchoring of transformation efforts to operational strategies – ensuring change efforts are strategic imperatives & not merely ‘nice to do’s’
  • Progressive, informed & innovative considerations to the planning of transformations – no formulaic ‘one size fits all’ approach to change
  • Developing a culture of organisational learning as an important component of the change process thereby building stronger change capability
  • Promotion & support of leader-led change to ensure no consultant ‘dependency’
  • The importance of systemic insight in change planning – to avoid ‘silo’ thinking
  • Learning & practising the rudiments of dialogue to enable deeper conversations to build shared understanding around critical change matters